Screening for Alcohol Use Problems/Assessment and Diagnosis of Alcohol Use Disorder

I. Learners will be competent in screening patients for alcohol use problems. II. Learners will be competent in properly assessing alcohol use problems and have a basic understanding of diagnosis of alcohol use disorder and evaluating co-morbid health problems.

: 1 hr

After completing this activity participants will be able to:

  • Choose and implement an appropriate screening instrument for alcohol use disorder

  • Confidently conduct a basic patient interview screening for heavy drinking and maladaptive patterns of alcohol use causing significant impairment or distress

  • Describe the range of criteria for alcohol use disorder from physical dependence to misuse without dependence

  • Assess patients who are at risk for alcohol use disorder and form a preliminary diagnosis of alcohol use disorder when appropriate

  • Describe health problems that are co-morbid with alcohol misuse and alcohol use disorder.

  • Follow rules for patient confidentiality appropriate in evaluation and treatment of substance use problems.

Professional Practice GapsRoutine screening of all adults and adolescents for the continuum of alcohol use problems is currently recommended (NIAAA 2007), but does not always occur. References
NIH. Alcohol-Related Traffic Deaths Fact Sheet. NIH. 2010. Available at: Accessed on: 2015-05-07.