Case Example: Mrs. Anderson

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Patient Name: Melissa Anderson   Age: 32 y/o

Height: 5'8”   Weight: 146 lbs   

BP: 115/80   Pulse: 57    Respiration: 13/min  

Chief Complaint: Alcohol relapse

History of Present Illness: Following her last annual physical during which Mrs. Anderson screened positively for 2 out of 4 questions of the CAGE screening and was provided a brief intervention, Mrs. Anderson dedicated her efforts to abstaining from alcohol completely. She also told her husband about her alcohol use and sought his support in her recovery, which he provided.

Mrs. Anderson maintained sobriety for 6 months. However, during a birthday celebration at a restaurant last week Mrs. Anderson consumed five alcoholic beverages. She reports feeling as though she's right back where she started from and does not want to tell her husband about her relapse.

Medications: None.

Question: Based on Mrs. Anderson's relapse, what would be your next course of action?

Tell Mrs. Anderson that as long as she can control her drinking from now on, the slip-up didn't matter and won't hurt her progress.

Express your disappointment in her relapse.

Express your willingness to help Mrs. Anderson overcome this relapse.

Highlight the negative health effects drinking will have on Mrs. Anderson's health.