Tim Gaspaire: Quitting

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Tim Gaspaire

Patient: Tim Gaspaire

Reason for Visit: - Required college freshman physical

History of Present Illness: - Asymptomatic
Medical History: - 18 years old

- Fractured left femur, age 8

- Scalp laceration, age 12

Family History: - Lives with parents and one brother, age 11

Psychosocial History: - Single

- Summer before college

- 2.5 GPA

- Trying out for swim team

Physical Exam Findings: - All findings unremarkable
Smoking Information: - Has smoked 3 to 15 cigarettes per day for 18 months

- Does not smoke at home

- Both parents smoke

- Girlfriend smokes

- Smokes 2 hours after waking

- Used snuff, a smokeless form of tobacco, for 4 years before changing mostly to cigarette smoking with only occasional smokeless tobacco use

- Is interested in quitting and thinks he could quit any time

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