Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

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The US Public Health Service's Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence recommended that smokeless tobacco users should be "identified, strongly urged to quit, and provided counseling cessation interventions" (Fiore et al. 2008). This course focuses on information unique for smokeless tobacco.

Assess Interest in Quitting

Many smokeless tobacco users are interested in quitting and in receiving information in quitting (Severson et al. 1990).

Effectiveness of Interventions

Interventions are likely to influence thinking about quitting. A study found that smokeless tobacco interventions performed by dental health professionals seriously influenced thinking about quitting in the majority (71%) of cases (Stevens et al. 1995).

Interventions are also effective in improving abstinence rates. For example, at long-term (1-year) follow-up, a study found higher self-reported abstinence rates in intervention groups (those given attention to oral lesions, advice to quit, a video, a follow-up phone call, and self-help materials) than in usual care control groups (18.4% vs. 12.5%) (Stevens et al. 1995). As with cigarette smoking, interventions are more effective when more intensive (Hatsukami and Severson 1999).

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